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Choosing the right size of wall art for your living space

Knowing the right size of wall art

When it comes to wall art, the right size matters. A wall art can be the statement decor for your living space. If the size is not right, something will feel off. You would love your wall art to be the eye-catching piece and pull the space together rather than having it not feeling complete in the living space. Having the wall art too small and your room can look incomplete, having it too big and the room can feel a little over crowded. You want it to have the beautiful piece fits perfectly and complements the room. We have put together this easy guide to help you do a quick pick on the right size for your living space.

Read the room

First things first, before you decide which beautiful wall art to purchase, you will need to gauge how it will look like in your space and what size fits best. You will need to measure the available space on the wall that you have and also if there is any object along the available space on the wall.

Having a wall art along an entry way is a great way to decorate your living space. You may also need to consider if you prefer a vertical panoramic wall art or large rectangle design to suit your entry way better. Here is an example on how you can style out your entry way with a wall art.

General sizing rules

Having a blank space above your sofa or the empty wall in the bedroom? You will want the size of your wall art to be just right for the area. So let’s start with just 2 simple rules that will help you pick the right size of wall art.

Rule 1:

Wall art should take up to about 60-75% of the available wall space. i.e. wall space that isn’t covered by furnitures. Start by measuring the width and height of your wall and then multiply them by both 0.60 (width) and 0.75 (height). This will give you the range of wall art sizes that will suit the space.

For example: if you have a blank wall that is 200cm height and 200cm wide, you would multiply as below

Height: 200cm x 0.75 = 150cm
Width: 150cm x 0.60 = 90cm

So ideally, you can consider wall arts of 150cm (H) x 90cm (W), which means you are able to consider a 1 to 2 artworks as below.

sample wall art walkway


sample wall art walkway

Rule 2: 

When hanging wall art over a furniture, such as bed, sofa, or even sideboard, it should be between 2/3 to 3/4 of the width of the furniture and 1/3 of the available height from the furniture to the ceiling. You can do a similar calculation here for measuring the ideal wall art.

For example, your sofa is 220cm wide and the available height from the sofa to the ceiling is 180cm, you would multiply as below

Height: 180cm x 1/3 = 60cm
Width: 220cm x 3/4 = 165cm or 220cm x 2/3 = 150cm

So ideally, you can consider wall arts that is of 70cm (H) x 50cm (W) and have a series of 3 art works as a sample below.

Sofa Wall Art Sample

Go big or go home

In general, bigger is always better. A small canvas can’t fill a big space and a big canvas print will create a beautiful focal point. As you saw in the sizing rules, your wall art should take up a large portion of an empty wall and be large relative to the furniture as well. So when in doubt, go big!

If you have smaller pieces – not to worry either! You can hang them in a smaller area, place them side by side, or you can group them together to create an eye-catching gallery wall like below.

sample wall art entry way

Level up

The height at which you hang your canvas is not to be overlooked when it comes to choosing the right wall art size. As a general rule of thumb, for the most aesthetically pleasing decor, you should aim to have the center of the canvas be at eye-level. Also, if you’re hanging your piece above furniture, give it some room to breathe by hanging it between 20cm to 30cm above the top of the furniture. The height at which your wall art is hung will have an effect on creating striking room decor you strive to achieve.


Facing difficulties in deciding which size of the wall art fits perfectly in your living space? Fret not, feel free to chat up with us and we are always readily available to provide sizing suggestions for your living space.

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