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Knowing the functions of Sintered Stone Table Top

Knowing Sintered Stone

What is Sintered Stone?

Like Quartz, Sintered Stone is a manufactured product made from a base of natural stone. Depending on the manufactuer, Quartz has a base of 88%-95% natural quartz stone, mixed with pigments, polymers and resins which is what bonds the slab together.

Sintered Stone is different in that it is made entirely from natural materials which are formed into incredibly strong and durable slabs which have countless applications.

Is Sintered Stone Better in Quality Than Quartz?

Quartz is one of the most popular materials for tabletop use. However, quartz is not always suitable for outdoor use. Because quartz is composed of 90% natural mineral ingredients, it tends to burn easily when exposed to high temperatures. In addition, quartz is porous and therefore does not provide sufficient protection against chemical damage.

The composition of Sintered Stone, however, makes it less prone to burning. Its hardness allows it to endure high temperature exposure. And since it contains no resin, it provides superior protection against chemical damage. On the flip side, Sintered Stone is much harder than quartz, which can lead to scratches.

Dining at ease!

1. Durability

Sintered stone is one of the strongest materials known to man. So strong, in fact, that it can even withstand extreme heat and cold without cracking or warping.

2. Functionality

Sintered stone surfaces are extremely easy to clean. They don’t require much maintenance because they’re naturally stain resistant. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about spills because the surface is completely waterproof.

3. Style

There’s no limit to how you can personalize a table. You can choose from a variety of sintered stone slab to match your home theme.

Maintaining your table top

The best part about owning a Sintered stone table is how simple it is to clean. You don’t need special cleaners or tools. Just use warm water and soap and you’re good to go. If spills do occur, just wipe up with a damp cloth and let dry naturally. And since Sintered Stone is natural stone, there’s no risk of scratching the surface.

A Design to Last

The Sintered Stone range offers you a variety of options to choose from. In Speckled Space, we have 5 different stone slabs to choose from. Every piece of slabs has different characters of lines which will not be the same from anyone else. From sleek modern designs to classic styles, there’s something for everyone. If you want to give your home a contemporary look, we recommend choosing one of our Bianco White Sintered Stone Slab. For those looking to add some character to their homes, you can always go for Picass Grey Sintered Stone Slab.

Haster Extendable Sintered Stone Dining Table

Like to have a feel of our ranges of Sintered Stone Dining Table? Come by our showroom to check it out.



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